Boom! I met Capt. / Maj. John Casey.
Some know him by Adam Baldwin too


jayne cobb —serenity (pilot)

Casey Versus the Tranq Darts → 1x02, 2x19


S3E11 - Chuck Versus the Final Exam

"You look cool, but can you be cool?”


Six months before shooting I started doing a martial arts session a week and then for the three months before, I worked out every day for hours. I pushed myself further than I thought I could go. I was a dancer, I knew what it was like to push myself to the limit…. I could mimic the shapes, I could get my foot up there, but then I had to put it up there and use power and bring it down again so quickly, to kick the guy as fast as you could, like a snake. I didn’t have that snap.

That martial arts training was put to the test, with one of Serenity’s crew bearing the brunt of River’s martial arts skills: the mercenary Jayne, played by Adam Baldwin, a good 20cm taller than Glau.

Glau laughs when asked about getting to knock out Jayne – twice.

It’s so funny, I was just watching it today putting together a new demo reel, and the bit I’ve taken out is when I attacked Jayne in the Maidenhead. Adam is one of my favorites, he’s full on, he told me ‘you just go for it girl, you won’t hurt me’. It’s great to beat up on him, it never gets old.

Summer Glau interviewed 2006

FWIW, golf humbles us both (although, not equally). ~


Though he would seem to have finished off Boris’ men, Casey hears noise behind him and turns in place, reloading his weapon as someone approaches through the early morning fog.


Chuck 1.03 “Chuck vs. the Tango”.

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